Pan India Collaboration

The IIMA Consult Club strives to promote Consulting as a profession and bring together people who are already a part of the industry and those who aspire to enter it. To galvanize this activity, we are collaborating with the Consult Clubs of IIMB (ICON) and IIMC. This collaboration is an unprecedented attempt at pooling the resources of the three campuses and build on each other’s strengths to create a common platform, which will help us achieve our shared goals. We believe that through this collaboration, in the coming years, we will be able to provide many more opportunities to the students of not only these three institutes, but many other institutes in the country, to discover the world of Consulting.

We have already kick-started some of the initiatives in this direction and will be rolling out several more in the coming months. We will soon be releasing blogs and articles written jointly by the students, faculty and alumni of the three institutes. Another major initiative takes advantage of the regional prominence of the three campuses by mentoring and guiding the graduate as well as post-graduate institutes around the three campuses, respectively. Through this initiative, we hope to boost Consulting as a career-choice in these institutes and help them set up or accelerate their own Consult Clubs. We also plan to conduct aPanIndia Consulting Summit in this session, which will feature the who’s-who of the Consulting world and will bring together the students and the industry like never before. And these activities form just the tip of the iceberg, there is lots more to come!
We sincerely trust that this initiative will go a long way in helping both the Consulting industry and the institutes build symbiotic relationships. Keep watching this space to know more about such exciting initiatives!